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Since we opened, we have been visited by over 7000 patients, we are a reference in dental implantology, with more then 2000 dental implants and the most advanced technology in Portugal.

Focused on your needs and expectations, Rident’s mission is to provide a high quality service using a professional, competent and highly motivated team, while creating a positive experience for patients using advanced technology and employing high ethical standards and morals.

Additionally, because we know that children need special attention, at Rident our entire team is ready to welcome them with an increased dose of patience, dedication and affection!


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7000 patients seen


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This specialty of dentistry has undergone a major evolution and is one of the most sought after in our clinic, not only by the vast number of satisfied customers over the years, but mainly because it provides a long-awaited and definitive solution to missing teeth problems.


Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that corrects the position of teeth and jaw bones positioned inadequate. Malocclusion leads to difficulty in cleaning teeth as well as deterioration of the surrounding tissues leading to gingivitis and periodontitis.

Immediate Teeth

Implantation of Immediate Load / Immediate Function is a practice since the 1980s and has been validated by numerous clinical studies attesting to their safety and predictability of results.

Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetics is the judgment and perception of what is considered beautiful. At dental aesthetics seeks to achieve the aesthetic ideal of each person,being possible to correct from the slightest imperfection to alterations severe.

Pediatric Dentistry​

At rident.) We know that children and adolescents need special attention, so some of our dentists are ready to help you.

Dental prosthesis​

At rident.) We recommend dental prostheses for the purpose of solve aesthetic problems resulting from missing and failing teeth as well as restore their chewing and phonetic functions.

Oral surgery

This specialty is responsible for surgical acts related to tooth extractions that cannot be maintained in the oral cavity, namely teeth with very extensive and non-restorable caries, teeth without bone support, teeth included, among others.


Periodontology or periodontics is the specialty of Dentistry which studies and treats the diseases of the implantation and support system of teeth - the periodontium.


Endodontics is the area of dentistry that is dedicated to the treatment of dental pulp pathologies. The dental pulp is in the inside the tooth and is commonly referred to as the "nerve".

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Finally lost the fear of going to the dentist, at rident they were all very professional and friendly!
Rodrigo Santos Pereira
Implant Rehabilitation
"Exceeded my expectations, I managed to regain the color of my teeth from 20 years ago"
Maria de Lurdes Fonseca
Teeth Whitening
"I had an immediate implant treatment, explained to me all the care I had to take and strongly recommend, 5 star team!"
Ana Isabel Sampaio
Immediate Load Rehabilitation

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